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Say Anything

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Say Anything

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What's it About

When lovable high-school underachiever Lloyd Dobler (Cusack) sets his sights on smart, pretty class valedictorian Diane Court (Skye), his chances of winning her over seem slim to none. However, through a combination of offbeat charm and dogged perseverance, Lloyd gets the girl, even if her overprotective father (Mahoney) disapproves. When their summer of love comes to a close and Diane heads off to London on an academic scholarship, can this budding romance survive?

Why we love it

This disarming teen romance clicks because it has the courage and confidence to portray its characters' passions and problems without the usual overload of cuteness or angst; it all feels honest, heartfelt and real. This film launched the career of writer-director Cameron Crowe ("Jerry Maguire") and also propelled Cusack to stardom, but Skye also delivers the goods; and it's always a joy to watch John Mahoney. If you haven't seen this wise and wonderful film yet, "Say Anything" (or do anything!) to lay your hands on it.

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