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Princess Tam Tam

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Princess Tam Tam

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What's it About

Greville's film is one of only three the legendary singer/dancer Josephine Baker made. This "Pygmalion" inspired confection tells of Alwina (Baker), a wild shepherdess discovered by French writer Max (Prejean) seeking literary inspiration in Tunisia, away from Paris and flirtatious wife Lucie (Aussey). To furnish material for his next book, Max transforms Alwina into an African princess, and seeks to pass her off as such on return to Paris. Meanwhile, Lucie has taken up with an exotic prince, so the entire City of Lights is buzzing.

Why we love it

This delightful musical comedy gives us a rare glimpse of Baker's powerful allure and talent, and projects a knowing, sophisticated light-heartedness reminiscent of director Ernst Lubitsch. On-location Tunisian scenery lends distinctive atmosphere, and the viewer is transfixed any time Baker sings or dances. Somewhat daring and different for the times, "Tam-Tam" provides an invaluable record of one of the last century's most celebrated entertainers.