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    Pillow Talk

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    Pillow Talk

    What's it About

    Notorious lothario Brad Allen (Hudson) and Jan Morrow (Day), a proper career woman, cross swords over a telephone party line. Doris views Rock as a sexual predator (which he is), while Hudson sees Day as stuck-up (there's some truth in that too). What ensues is another battle of the sexes, which only serves to bring the two together. Meanwhile, Randall portrays Day's frustrated, neurotic suitor with customary finesse. 

    Why we love it

    The first and most successful pairing of leading man Rock Hudson and wholesome singing star Doris Day, "Pillow Talk" is colorful, lively and clever throughout. Both leads work beautifully together, with surprising comic flair and yes, sexual chemistry. The inimitable Tony Randall is worth the price of admission playing Rock's neurotic, sad-sack buddy. Don't miss this snappy, wildly entertaining romp!

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