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Only Angels Have Wings Poster
Released Runtime Category
1939 121 Action/Adventure
Director Language
Howard Hawks English
Cary Grant, Rita Hayworth, Jean Arthur, Richard Barthelmess, Thomas Mitchell

Only Angels Have Wings

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What's it About

This classic Howard Hawks picture concerns Geoff Carter (Grant), operator of an air freight service in South America's fog-enshrouded Andes Mountains. Confronting treacherous flying conditions with regularity, Geoff must make life-or-death decisions about when his men can fly. Further complicating life on the ground is the arrival of Bonnie Lee (Arthur), a showgirl in transit who's socked in by weather, and Macpherson (silent star Barthelmess), a pilot harboring a dark secret. Macpherson is also joined by young wife Judy (Hayworth), who'd once been involved with Geoff. The plot thickens along with the fog.

Why we love it

Elements of drama and romance co-mingle with the serious business of men being men in this involving, exciting adventure story. Grant stretches his screen persona effortlessly as a tough guy with little humor and no polish, and Arthur makes a spunky love interest. Hayworth looks particularly stunning in a pivotal early role, and Thomas Mitchell also shines as Kid Dabb, a loyal older pilot who's losing his bearings. This heroic outing soars.

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