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At the bequest of his creepy employer, Knock (Alexander Granach), young real-estate agent Hutter travels to the sinister Transylvanian castle of Count Orlok (Schreck), whose impending move to Bremen he is to finalize. Spooked by the creepy count's habit of visiting him at night and sleeping in a coffin, Hutter flees, but arrangements have already been made to transport Orlok to Hutter's hometown. And now he's got eyes – and fangs – for Hutter's wife.

Why we love it

Still the eeriest and most atmospheric of all the Dracula films (and in a new two-disc edition), Murnau's "Nosferatu" gave the German director an opportunity to explore experimental visual techniques – like stop-motion and negative exposures – in bringing Bram Stoker's version of the legend to the big screen. But his biggest coup was in casting the mysterious Max Schreck (rumored to be another actor's alias) in the title role. With his rat-like features, ghastly pointed ears, and long, talon-like fingers, Schreck doesn't seem at all like a creature from our planet. Murnau completed the effect by filming on location in Eastern Europe. The result is a Gothic chiller you simply can't miss.