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Greta Garbo's first comedy, "Ninotchka," details what can happen-on a purely human, emotional level-when communism and capitalism collide. Three Russian comrades travel to Paris to sell an invaluable necklace with proceeds to benefit the party. The necklace's rightful owner, Grand Duchess Swana (Claire) prevails on Count Leon D'Algout (Douglas) to restore the necklace to her. The Count blocks the sale and distracts the three Russians with all the capitalistic excesses Paris has to offer. When Moscow notes the delay, they send tough emissary Ninotchka (Garbo) to move things along. When the cold but impossibly beautiful agent arrives in Paris and meets the Count, he realizes his mission has become much more challenging, but more interesting as well.

Why we love it

"Garbo Laughs!" screamed the publicity, and so will you (laugh, not scream). Director Ernst Lubitsch infuses this gossamer "East meets West" romance with his trademark chic style and clever sophistication. Garbo's transformation from icy harridan to warm, alluring female is a wonder to behold, and Douglas is understated and suitably wry as the Count, never stepping in Garbo's light too much. With a peerless script by Billy Wilder and Charles Brackett, this is the movie equivalent to champagne, and, of course, caviar. (Trivia note: this picture was remade as a musical for Fred Astaire: 1957's "Silk Stockings.")

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