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Nine Queens

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Nine Queens

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What's it About

Two small-time con men, baby-faced street hustler Juan (Pauls) and veteran scam artist Marcos (Darin), team up to dupe a high-rolling dignitary (Abadal) into buying a set of expertly forged rare stamps known as the Nine Queens. Everything falls into place, but Marcos’s leggy sister Valeria (Brédice), a manager at the hotel where the mark is staying, has a bone to pick with her older brother over a sensitive family matter, and threatens to scuttle their once-in-a-lifetime, top-dollar swindle...

Why we love it

Bielinsky’s nervy, tersely plotted “Nine Queens” will appeal to fans of Mamet’s “House of Cards,” Soderbergh’s “Out of Sight,” and classic heist films. Darin and Pauls have a fabulous con-man rapport, and Brédice’s smoking-hot good looks adds just the right dose of femme fatale. Chock full of clever plot twists and arch humor, “Nine Queens” will keep you on your toes, wondering: who can you trust?

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