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    Never Cry Wolf

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    Never Cry Wolf

    What's it About

    Based on the real-life experiences of Farley Mowat, "Wolf" concerns a scientist named Tyler (Smith), who is sent alone into the remotest regions of northern Canada to study whether wolves are responsible for depleting the caribou population. Tyler's study starts on shaky ground, with all his equipment dumped messily onto the frozen tundra by a loutish pilot (Dennehy). But once organized, the young scientist finds himself immersed in the world of wolves, studying their habitat and behavior as the wolves themselves gradually allow him to approach closer to their inner circle.

    Why we love it

    This underrated family adventure film (best for older kids) is not only stunning to look at, with Ballard's superb on-location photography, but also delivers a cautionary tale about the importance of protecting delicate ecosystems and fading species against encroaching civilization, vividly represented by Dennehy's group hunting trip later in the film. The talented and appealing Smith carries this special movie along, supported by some truly majestic-looking wolves. In short, "Never" will always be worth the trip.