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Mr. Deeds Goes To Town

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Mr. Deeds Goes To Town

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What's it About

Simple country boy Longfellow Deeds (Cooper) inherits an immense fortune from a wealthy distant relative he doesn't even know, and must then navigate a sea of handlers and hand-out requests to make sense of his new life as a multi-millionaire. But those who think they can manipulate this tuba-playing rube are in for a rude awakening. At the top of that list is Babe Bennett (Arthur), a beautiful but ruthless reporter who’s sent undercover to get a scoop on Deeds, but soon finds her personal feelings getting in the way of business.

Why we love it

This quintessential Frank Capra charmer is one of Cooper's most appealing comic forays, as his plain-talking, homespun personification of rural America outfoxes all those smug and greedy city slickers. Arthur is also terrific as Babe, the hard-nosed lady journalist who first ridicules, then falls for Longfellow, much to her own surprise. One of the screen's authentic classics, this is pixilated comedy at its very best. Beware the odious Adam Sandler re-make.

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