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    Mountain Patrol

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    Mountain Patrol

    What's it About

    In the mountainous borderland between China and Tibet, anti-poaching activist Ritai (Duobujie) obsessively tracks a small band of outlaws who are decimating the endangered Tibetan antelope for its luxurious pelt, a fashionable item in the foreign market. Joined by sympathetic Beijing journalist Ga Yu (Qi Liang), Ritai and his armed volunteer squad — short on gas, food, and proper equipment — risk their lives to pursue the elusive poaching gang into a snowy pass. 

    Why we love it

    Based on a true story about a journalist who trailed armed volunteer patrols into China's Kekexili region and whose articles brought public attention to their plight, Lu's film is an adventurous survival tale about one man's personal obsession — and the murderous lengths to which poverty will drive some people. Supported by a colorful cast of non-professionals, Tibetan actor Duobujie projects just the right amount of stoic gravitas and dogged determination. The film itself culminates in a haunting finale at the edge of the wilderness you won't soon forget.