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    Mostly Martha

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    Mostly Martha

    What's it About

    Martha (Gedeck) is an exacting young chef whose impressive culinary skills overcompensate for her inability to thrive outside a kitchen. But several events — the sudden death of her sister, the adoption of her 8-year-old niece, and the arrival of male Italian chef Mario (Castellito) at her popular eatery — forces a re-assessment of her outlook on life. Now who says German films can’t be charming?

    Why we love it

    This heartwarming story rings consistently true thanks to uniformly fine acting and a delicious atmosphere permeating the film. Authentic and would-be gourmets will delight in the comforting universe of aromatic kitchens and preparation of fabulous food. The oil-and-water pairing of Martha and Mario — she’s a timid control nut, while he’s a spirited sensualist — brings the film's themes of loss and renewal into sharp relief. "Mostly Martha" is a delightful picture sure to awaken all your senses.

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