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Mademoiselle Chambon

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Mademoiselle Chambon

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What's it About

Jean (Lindon) is a construction worker living happily with his small family. One day, his son's teacher, the quiet, pretty Veronique Chambon (Kiberlain) invites him to speak at the school about his work— a simple request that sets in motion life-changing events. A tender romance emerges as these two opposites— one earthy and simple, the other educated and artistic— find that they bring out surprisingly deep and tender emotions in each other. But can this unexpected love survive in the harsh light of reality?

Why we love it

This exquisite love story subtly evokes the nuances and complexities of real-world romance. Lindon and Kiberlain (formerly husband and wife off-screen) completely embody the hesitant affections of two adults who share an obvious attraction but are unsure how and if to act upon it. An afternoon they share together, which culminates in Veronique performing an aching violin solo for the uncomplicated Jean, achieves a spellbinding cinematic lyricism. This is mature, adult filmmaking at its best. Once you meet "Mademoiselle Chambon," you just might fall in love yourself.

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