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Mad Max

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Mad Max

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What's it About

In a post-apocalyptic society, biker gangs wreak havoc on and off the roads, raping and pillaging at will, and laughing in the face of an ill-equipped police force. Then they make a big mistake: they pick the wrong cop to hurt. Max Rockatansky (Gibson) may not look like much, but when you cross him, you're in for a world of trouble. It simply doesn't pay to get Max mad.

Why we love it

George Miller's first entry in the three part series helped boost Gibson to stardom, and showed Hollywood a thing or two about making an explosive action flick on a shoestring budget. The bleak, desolate near-future is intriguingly rendered; the world looks like a junk shop in a desert. The baddies are a dirty, gruesome lot, which only gets the audience more revved when Max goes after them in earnest. The young Gibson has "star" written all over him. Hyperkinetic stunts punctuate this raw, rugged actioner.

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