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Lovers and Other Strangers

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Lovers and Other Strangers

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What's it About

The occasion of Mike and Susan's wedding (Brandon and Bedelia) is pretext for the examination of love via their relationship and those surrounding them, particularly his brother's failing marriage and the dysfunctional but enduring unions of their respective parents (his: Castellano and Arthur, hers: Young and Leachman). The result is a farcical glimpse into the infinite variations on the necessary but complex mess we call love.

Why we love it

Cy Howard's knowing, often side-splitting ensemble piece benefits from stand-out turns: Gig Young as the bride's philandering father; Anne Jackson as the object of Young's adulterous affections; Richard Castellano as the groom's awkward but well-meaning Dad; a young Diane Keaton as the groom's unhappy sister-in-law; and Bob Dishy almost steals the movie as a would-be Casanova. Wonderful early ’70s flavor!