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    Lover Come Back

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    Lover Come Back

    What's it About

    In their second outing together, Rock and Doris play Jerry Webster and Carol Templeton, two rival advertising professionals with contrasting styles, each of whom are vying for the same account. While Jerry wins business with his knack for knowing how to entertain prospective clients (wink, wink), Carol is a more sober idea person who resents the competition's base tactics. "Vip," a mysterious new product, needs agency representation, and amidst assumed identities and other intrigues, we can't wait to learn who'll win the assignment. Tony Randall is on hand again as Peter Ramsey, Jerry's sad-sack, ineffectual boss.

    Why we love it

    Director Delbert Mann's hilarious follow-up to Hudson-Day's first hit "Pillow Talk" is perhaps less well-known, but every bit as good. Rock particularly shines in two separate characterizations, while Randall's drunken elevator scene must be seen to be believed. Fast and sharp, with a vibrantly colorful, early sixties look and feel, "Lover" will keep you hooked. Hooray for Vip!