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Love Stories

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What's it About

Jerzy Stuhr, a beloved Polish actor best known Krzystof Kieslowski’s “Three Colors: White” and “The Decalogue,” stars in and directs this series of four loosely interwoven tales about life and love in contemporary Krakow for four very different men. The conceit: all of them are played by Stuhr. In the first, a married colonel has a crisis of conscience when he’s tempted by an old flame. Then, a priest is visited by a daughter he never knew existed in the confessional booth. Next, a convicted drug dealer is forced to trust his unreliable wife to handle some important business. Finally, a professor struggles for an appropriate response when a student announces she’s in love with him.

Why we love it

Stuhr dedicated “Love Stories” to critically lauded filmmaker Kieslowski, and the tribute is fitting. Following his mentor’s lead, the actor/director explores the mystery of human emotion and connection in fresh, revealing ways, imposing a non-linear narrative structure that keeps us slightly off-balance. Beyond this, Stuhr delivers arresting performances in four distinct roles, seasoned with unexpected moments of humor and pathos. What’s not to love?

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