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Two young people in bustling New York City (who will soon meet and fall in love) wake up one morning and dress for their jobs. Mary (Kent) is a switchboard operator, while Jim (Tryon) works in a machine shop. After work, they each decide to escape the heat by going to Coney Island. Jim spots Mary and they strike up a conversation. After spending the afternoon and evening together going on all the rides, Jim and Mary are separated and search frantically for one another amid the jostling, uncaring crowds.

Why we love it

Hungarian born Fejos's second feature (his first remains lost) is a true moving picture, with his agile camera capturing the constant motion and hustle of city life. The opening scenes are technically impressive, with a superimposed clock face marking time for the working-class protagonists. The original soundtrack is also alive with chaotic sounds capturing the pulse of New York. Made on the cusp of talking pictures, "Lonesome" even includes three scenes with synchronized dialogue; they play awkwardly but one can only imagine the impact that sound had on audiences at the time. The camerawork inspires and the emotion seduces; this overlooked oldie is certainly golden.