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Like Stars on Earth

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Like Stars on Earth

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What's it About

To his parents, 8-year-old Ishaan (Safary) is a serious problem child; sadly, they are too frustrated with his inability to do well at school to notice how uniquely creative he is. When they cannot take his troublemaking any longer, they send the boy to a boarding school, which at first only makes matters worse. Then Ishaan meets a new art teacher (Khan) who has the sensitivity and patience to discover what is going on inside his head, and draw out his special gifts.

Why we love it

The directorial debut of popular Bollywood actor Aamir Khan peers into the mind and imagination of an unconventionally talented child, sadly overlooked by India's rigid school system due to learning disabilities. Almost every shot of this magical, uplifting film aims to portray the world from Ishaan's point-of-view, whether capturing the wonder of everyday details like fish in a roadside pond, or depicting Ishaan's rich inner life via wildly inventive, eye-popping animation. In a thoroughly winning cast, wide-eyed, adorable newcomer Darsheel Safary more than holds his own against director/megastar Khan. As this is Bollywood, expect some catchy musical numbers seemingly coming out of nowhere. Beyond the film's infectious energy, color and sentiment lies a gentle, compassionate plea for parents to truly understand their children. Here's a Bollywood entry the whole world should see.