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La La Land

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La La Land

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What's it About

Aspiring actress Mia (Stone) first meets struggling jazz musician Sebastian (Gosling) in a Los Angeles traffic jam, but it’s not until their third encounter that a spark ignites between them. Dates at the Rialto cinema and the Griffith Observatory follow, and a romance blossoms.  They then support each other through bad auditions and professional compromises. But when dreams and destiny collide, can their love endure?

Why we love it

Chazelle’s gorgeous third feature is both an homage to, and contemporary reimagining of, the classic Hollywood musical. Whimsical, effervescent and dynamic, the film soars on its catchy songs, candy-colored cinematography and the fortuitous pairing of Stone and Gosling. Shot on film in a widescreen format, Chazelle captures the dance sequences in elegant, unbroken takes, and while not attaining the skill and grace of Astaire and Rogers, the game stars still pull it off. This charmer earned six Academy Awards, including one for Stone and Chazelle, who became the youngest Best Director ever. Be sure to visit “La La Land”!

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