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Lady Chatterley

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Lady Chatterley

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Frustrated by an enervating lack of intimacy with her wealthy husband, Sir Clifford Chatterley (Girardot), a WWI veteran paralyzed from the waist down, twenty-something beauty Constance Chatterley (Hands) embarks on a wild, but soul-satisfying love affair with Parkin (Coulloc'h), a stocky groundskeeper at their estate.

Why we love it

D.H. Lawrence's scandalous novel, an erotic classic, has been adapted for the big screen before, but never with as much unrestrained, heavy-breathing sensualism or adulterous abandon. This is no high-grade smut flick, though: Ferran heightens the transcendent elements of Lawrence's parable of freedom to a blissfully enlightening pitch, making us yearn as deeply for Lady Chatterley's existential healing as if our own happiness were at stake. Have landscapes in the movies — verdant fields; Edenic, rustic rendezvous points — ever seemed more alive or inviting to the experience of passion? This is one literary retelling that inarguably benefitted from a woman's touch.