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La Cage aux Folles Poster
Released Runtime Category
1978 91 Comedy, Gay-themed, Foreign Language
Director Language
Édouard Molinaro French
Ugo Tognazzi, Michel Serrault, Remy Laurent

La Cage aux Folles

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What's it About

Nightclub owner Renato (Tognazzi) and his long-time lover, Albin (Serrault), a female impersonator, live a fabulous life in the sunny island paradise of St. Tropez. But when Laurent (Laurent), Renato's son from a previous relationship, announces that he's engaged to be married, Renato agrees to pretend he and Albin are a straight, heterosexual couple, so as not to frighten off the future in-laws, who are planning a visit. Only problem is, old habits die hard.

Why we love it

Before "The Birdcage" and the glitzy stage musical of the same name, Molinari's uproarious farce crossed boundaries to become a big international hit. Campy and outrageously off-kilter in the tradition of the best Hollywood comedies, "La Cage" thrives on the credibly affectionate performances of Tognazzi and Serrault, brilliant as the flamboyant Albin and his drag-queen alter ego, ZaZa. Adding to the fun is Michel Galabru, the snobby father-in-law-to-be who heads an organization called the Union of Moral Order. Through it all, Molinari's antic, assured direction keep the high-strung hysterics at a soulful pitch.

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