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    La Bonne Annee

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    La Bonne Annee

    What's it About

    Paroled from a Parisian prison on New Year's Eve by authorities eager to learn the whereabouts of his secret stash, aging con artist Simon (Ventura) flashes back to years earlier, when he was planning a jewelry-store heist with partner Charlot (Gerard). As they work on the details of the job, Simon falls for sophisticated antiques dealer Francoise (Fabian), whose shop is next door. This unlikely turn of events may just compromise their perfect plan.

    Why we love it

    Ventura and Fabian make a sultry pair of mismatched lovers in Lelouch's pastry-light comedy caper, which simultaneously traces Simon's post-release reunion with Francoise, and the circumstances surrounding their romance years before. Simon is good-natured and a bit boorish, while Francoise is educated, outspoken, and skeptical. Still, she's not immune to Simon's entreaties. Poignant and fun, "Annee" is an excellent companion film to Lelouch's own "A Man and a Woman," as it spins a story of love both nostalgic and utterly charming in its effect.