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Kim (Stockwell) is a fatherless boy of English heritage who finds independence and sustenance posing as a native beggar in 19th-century India. As foreign powers work to stir up war in the land, Kim's gift for disguise and stealth makes him an ideal spy for the British, who enlist him to their side. With the dashing horse-trader Red Beard (Flynn) as his protector, Kim helps the British gain the necessary intelligence to avert conflict in the Khyber Pass.

Why we love it

Twelve years after "The Adventures of Robin Hood," former Warner Bros. swashbuckling sensation Errol Flynn showed us he could still handle a sword in this rousing adventure, based on a Rudyard Kipling story. This engrossing yarn benefits from rich period atmosphere, vibrant color photography, and the star charisma emanating from both Flynn and the talented young Stockwell.

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