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Junior Bonner

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Junior Bonner

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What's it About

Junior Bonner (McQueen) is a fading rodeo star who re-visits his home turf to participate in the area's annual event. There, he re-unites with his family: beloved dad Ace (Preston), a charming but irresponsible dreamer; mother Elvira (Lupino), his more grounded, long-suffering mother who (for the most part) is now estranged from Ace; and brother Curly (Baker), a born hustler who's becoming rich. Junior must see if he still has the stuff to compete, while coming to terms with his tricky family situation.

Why we love it

Sam Peckinpah's most subtle, gentle movie is a perfect showcase for the mellowing McQueen, who comfortably wears the part of Junior like a pair of old jeans. "Junior" also boasts fabulous late-career turns from Preston, who nearly steals the picture, and Lupino in a bittersweet turn as the resigned Elvira. Flavorful entry features great rodeo atmosphere and some exciting bucking bronco sequences. Given a mixed reception on release, this underrated gem holds up extremely well, and constitutes must-viewing , particularly for McQueen fans.

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