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Jules and Jim

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What's it About

Austrian naturalist Jules (Werner) and French writer Jim (Serre) are bosom buddies and constant companions in pre-WWI Paris. After visiting Greece to see an ancient bust whose mysterious smile they admire, the two men return to France and meet charming, free-spirited Catherine (Moreau), the realization of this ideal beauty. Over the years, Jules and Jim each succumb to Catherine's enchantments, but their ménage-a-trois cannot hold.

Why we love it

A smash hit in 1962, Truffaut's lyrical story of friendship and unrequited love vividly captures the enigmatic nature of l'amour. Moreau is magnificent as the tempestuous object of love, a mercurial woman who won't be completely possessed by any man. Adapted from Henri-Pierre Roche's novel and shot by master lensman Raoul Coutard, Truffaut's gorgeous film captures the jubilance of youth with freeze frames, zoom-ins, and one iconic tracking shot of Moreau, dressed as a man, running across a footbridge with Jules and Jim. One of cinema's great achievements, "Jules et Jim" is a sweetly buoyant romantic saga with a tragic twist ending.

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