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    What's it About

    Renowned, married violinist Holger Brandt (Howard) returns from a concert tour, and meets Anita Hoffman, his daughter's piano teacher (played by Bergman in her first English-speaking role). He first takes a professional interest in her, which soon becomes more personal. Now in love, he asks his wife (Best) for a divorce, but she sensibly advises him to think it over first. On tour with Anita, Holger watches as she becomes a success. Still, he's torn with guilt over the possibility of losing his family. With all that stands in their way, is this love meant to be?

    Why we love it

    This short, tender romance retains a special purity and charm. Bergman, who played the same role in an earlier Swedish version, is breathtaking, while Howard exudes sensitivity in a none-too-sympathetic role. The heartfelt interactions between these two gorgeous stars are punctuated by some very lovely music (Louis Forbes was Oscar-nominated for his score). Produced by David O. Selznick and featuring cinematography by the legendary Gregg Toland (earning an Oscar nod), this "Intermezzo" plays out as grand romance with a capital "R."

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