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In the Mood for Love

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In the Mood for Love

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What's it About

Newspaper journalist Mr. Chow (Leung) and secretary Mrs. Chan (Cheung) occupy adjoining flats in the bustling Hong Kong of 1962, and both are chronically lonely: his wife works late, and her husband travels continually on business. Passing each other in the night, Chow and Chan are mere acquaintances, until they discover their respective spouses are actually lovers. This revelation draws them into a strange and subtle mutual attraction.

Why we love it

Wong's lush romantic melodrama is an achingly gorgeous homage to unrequited love. Though Chow and Chan are drawn to each other, personal morals and social propriety prevent them from acting on their attraction-a tension Wong exploits masterfully, evoking their desire with hushed phone conversations, furtive looks, and a heavily eroticized scenario in which they pretend to be the cheating lovers, play-acting an adultery they'll never consummate. Both a gorgeous art piece and timeless tale of longing, "Love" is smart, sexy, and atmospheric. By all means, get in the mood.