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House Calls

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House Calls

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What's it About

Matthau plays Charley Nichols, doctor and widower, who's experiencing a second adolescence with the sudden bounty of available and attractive women in his life. Enter patient Ann Atkinson (Jackson), a sharp-tongued divorcee who has given up on love – that is, until she meets the good doctor. Charley himself is also intrigued, but does he want to give up his new-found freedom so soon?

Why we love it

This delightful, refreshingly human romantic comedy benefits from a top-notch script (by Max Shulman and Julius Epstein, co-writer of "Casablanca"), and the unlikely chemistry between quirky but lovable Matthau and starchy Jackson, who both shine and seem to be having lots of fun. Affirming once again that true love should always trump more casual male-female relations, "Calls" delivers a charming, clever romance, chock full of laughs.