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Heaven Can Wait

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Heaven Can Wait

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What's it About

After a car accident, star quarterback Joe Pendleton (Beatty) is whisked prematurely to Heaven by an over-zealous angel (Henry).  Executive-in-charge Mr. Jordan (Mason) sends Joe back to Earth in the body of recently murdered millionaire Leo Farnsworth. While dealing with Farnsworth’s plotting wife and lover (Cannon and Grodin) and his dubious business interests, Joe falls for environmental activist Betty (Christie).

Why we love it

Remaking 1941’s “Here Comes Mr. Jordan”, co-writers Elaine May and Beatty update this romance with some light social commentary and plenty of 70s flavoring. Beatty is lovably goofy as the ever-optimistic Joe, and Christie’s performance adds a surprising note of tenderness. Sterling comic support from Cannon and Grodin and an exceptional Warden as trainer Max complete a winning picture. Heaven can wait…but don’t wait to see this Oscar nominated gem!