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Gun Crazy

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Gun Crazy

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What's it About

From a tender age, Bart Tare (Dall) displays a weakness for guns that gets him into trouble and steers him on the wrong path. One path leads right into the arms of Annie Laurie Starr (Cummins), a sexy femme fatale who can also shoot straight, and whom you'd never bring home to mother. Once these two characters link up — romantically and otherwise — the shooting really begins.

Why we love it

Produced as a "B" movie, "Gun Crazy" earns a solid "A" in entertainment value. Way ahead of its time, and more than slightly twisted, this humble little sizzler is one of the more unique and imaginative crime dramas you'll see, connecting the dots between violence and sex. Scripted by Dalton Trumbo and MacKinlay Kantor, this smart, fast cult item really hits the bull's eye. 

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