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What's it About

A cross-section of residents in the rough-and-tumble world of Neapolitan slums controlled by the Camorra underworld strive to make money or merely survive. One youth (Abruzzese) tries to be a foot soldier for the mob, while another (Imparato) makes ends meet as their debt collector. A fed-up garment manufacturer (Cantalupo) risks his life when he teams up with Chinese immigrants. A businessman feels the prick of conscience when he uncovers a waste-disposal scheme operated by the mob. Meanwhile, two teens (Macor and Petrone) knock around emulating the movie-gangster hero Scarface.

Why we love it

Shot in the grimy streets and bombed-out apartment flats of an Italian edge city, and based on a bestselling tell-all by Roberto Saviano (who was forced into hiding after the book's publication), Garrone's gritty, multi-thread fiction feature digs into the secret world of the Camorra syndicate with an epic scope worthy of "The Godfather."” But Garrone's film is more visceral, and far less flashy than a Hollywood mob movie, trailing disparate characters with an urgent, almost documentary insistence on social realism. Forget "The Sopranos"”: Gomorrah” will make you an offer you can't refuse.