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    Full Moon in Paris

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    Full Moon in Paris

    What's it About

    Louise (Ogier) is a young professional working at an interior design firm in Paris. She lives in a soulless suburb with her macho boyfriend Remi (Karyo), and misses her single, city lifestyle. Convincing Remi that she needs some alone time, she takes a pied-à-terre in town and spends Friday nights partying with her married friend Octave (Luchini). A one-night stand with a young musician causes her to re-evaluate her life choices.

    Why we love it

    French New Wave director Rohmer follows up “Pauline at the Beach” with the fourth installment in his “Comedies and Proverbs” series. Ogier, with her bird-like face and imploring eyes, makes a compelling protagonist, flighty yet fun, a young woman in search of herself. And Luchini is marvelously droll as the aloof Octave. With simple framing and clear-eyed observation, Rohmer proves himself once again master of the bewildering push and pull of modern day romance.

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