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In this gorgeous, bare-bones documentary, acclaimed Spanish filmmaker Carlos Saura ("Cría Cuervos") trains his eye on the kinetic beauty and poetic majesty of his home country's national dance. Staged at a converted train station in Seville, and featuring over 300 performers, his film captures the grace, elegance, and sensual passion of flamenco in an outdoor pageant of song, dance, and guitarwork by the likes of Paco de Lucia, Lole Manuel, and Manolo Sanlucar.

Why we love it

Technically a documentary, but more a one-of-a-kind performance film, "Flamenco"” pays tribute to a 500-year-old dance tradition in the only way that makes sense: letting the art form speak for itself. Expertly lensed by master cinematographer Vittorio Storaro ("Apocalypse Now"”), the film is a technical and visual marvel, composed of silhouettes, dusk-hued light, and mirror effects. And we see examples of different styles that speak to the evolution of flamenco over time. No translation is necessary for "Flamenco,"” a dazzling celebration of art and movement.