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Fanny and Alexander

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What's it About

Set in early 20th-century Sweden, this sumptuous film concerns the Ekdahls, an exuberant clan whose happy life is seen through the eyes of young son Alexander (Guve). But when patriarch Oskar dies, mother Emilie (Frolling) rashly decides to remarry cold Bishop Vergerus (Malmsjo), and seemingly overnight, the family's existence is transformed from one of warm colors to a stern, inflexible gray.

Why we love it

Perhaps the crowning work of Bergman's long, distinguished career, "Fanny" was originally a TV mini-series, cut to three hours for theatrical release. Certainly the Swedish master's most autobiographical work, "Fanny" shows how a sudden turn in one family's fortunes accelerates the maturing of son Alexander, who's modeled on Bergman's youthful self. Magical and ultimately optimistic, the multiple Oscar-winning "Fanny" is a masterpiece of storytelling on film, by turns intimate and epic. A must-see.

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