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English Vinglish

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English Vinglish

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What's it About

Sweet-natured Indian housewife Shashi (Sridevi) is underappreciated by her husband Satish (Hussain) and her teenage daughter Sapna (Kotia). They take her for granted and make fun of her inability to speak English. When she flies to New York to help prepare for the wedding of her niece, she secretly enrolls in English language classes. There, her confidence is boosted by the other students, and she especially flourishes under the gaze of handsome Laurent (Nebbou). When her family arrives for the celebration, will they discover a different person?

Why we love it

After a hiatus from filmmaking for fifteen years, the delightfully charming Sridevi returns as the insecure Shashi. As well as looking gorgeous in her saris on the drab streets of Manhattan, Sridevi shows notable comedy chops: watch her try to negotiate a subway turnstyle or try to order a sandwich. Writer/director Shinde, in her first film, tells a familiar “fish out of water” tale, but infuses it with heart and humor. Colorful side characters also inject the film with a zippy vitality.  Several bouncy musical numbers add to the fun, as well as a memorable cameo from noted Indian actor Bachchan. Check your jaded New York attitude at the door and surrender to this Bollywood treat.