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Easter Parade

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Easter Parade

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Dumped by longtime girlfriend and dance partner Nadine (Miller) who chooses to hit the big time as a solo act, Don Hewes (Astaire) rashly wagers that he can pick Nadine's successor out of the chorus and then train her. Luckily for him, the talented, plucky Hannah Brown (Garland) is his choice, and Don begins grooming her for stardom. Not wanting to get burned twice, he's determined to keep their collaboration all-business... but Cupid may have other plans.

Why we love it

In this joyous musical romp, MGM producer Arthur Freed paired Garland with the recently "retired" Astaire after original lead Gene Kelly injured his ankle. The combination of Astaire's moves and Garland's pipes is a winning one, and they had great material to work with; the phenomenal Irving Berlin score was adapted by Oscar winners Johnny Green and Roger Edens, with highlights such as the vaudevillian duet "We're a Couple of Swells," and Astaire's excellent solo to "Steppin' Out With My Baby." Stunningly shot and beautifully mounted, the movie was a big success in 1948, and no wonder! By all means, step out with this title.

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