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East of Eden Poster
Released Runtime Category
1955 115 Drama, The Essentials
Director Language
Elia Kazan English
James Dean, Julie Harris, Raymond Massey, Jo Van Fleet, Richard Davalos, Burl Ives

East of Eden

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What's it About

““Eden” is the age-old, redemptive story of Cain and Abel, updated to 1917 Monterey, originating via the pen of writer John Steinbeck (best-known for “The Grapes of Wrath”). In his first starring film role, the iconic Dean plays "bad" son Cal, who aches for the love and approval of his upright, uptight father, Adam Trask (Massey). Harris plays Abra, the love interest of "favored" brother, Aron (Davalos). Ultimately, she becomes romantically torn between the two brothers.

Why we love it

Another ‘50s Kazan landmark, “Eden” boasts vibrant color and atmosphere, top-flight performances and a dazzling screenplay adapted from the Steinbeck novel by Oscar nominated Paul Osborn. Oscar-nominated Dean, Harris, Ives and Oscar-winner Van Fleet (as Cal's reclusive, disreputable mother) all comprise a stellar ensemble. Set your course for "East of Eden."

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