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Deliver Us From Evil

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Deliver Us From Evil

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What's it About

Grappling with the pedophilic sexual assault scandals that have haunted the Catholic Church in recent years, Berg has a harrowing heart-to-heart conversation with Father Oliver O'Grady, one of the most notorious child rapists, who recounts his crimes in painfully specific detail. Berg then interviews his many victims, who are still scarred by their encounter with O'Grady, and still angry at the unconscionable harboring of this serial molester by Church authorities.

Why we love it

Of course there is something grotesque and horrifying about O'Grady, now living safely in exile in Ireland thanks to the exertions of his superiors, but how remorseful can we really expect a sociopath who viciously assaulted children over three decades to be? Scarier still are the Church bigwigs, like L.A. Cardinal Roger Mahoney, who prefer to arrogantly deny their role in protecting a monstrous man of the cloth rather than remain true to their spiritual calling. This is disturbing stuff, but luckily Berg contextualizes all of it for viewers wondering how – yes, in God's name – these crimes were ever allowed to happen.

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