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Television interviewer Georges Laurent (Auteuil) and his wife, Anne (Binoche), live a comfortably placid bourgeois life in a Paris condominium, along with their 12-year-old son, Pierrot (Lester Makedonsky). But when someone begins to terrorize them by leaving voyeuristic videotapes on their doorstep, along with gruesome stick-figure drawings that appear meaningless yet menacing, their lives are irrevocably disrupted. Who's watching, and what do they want?

Why we love it

Austrian director and arch provocateur Haneke crafts a compelling, suspenseful thriller in "Cache," deftly suggesting the menace of global terrorism by locating it in the troubled domestic experience of a nuclear family. Auteuil and Binoche are both superb as the couple ripped apart by a long-dormant secret that slowly bubbles to the surface when Georges confronts a horrific incident in his early childhood. Haneke really notches up the tension, relieving it (momentarily) in a kitchen scene that will literally steal your breath away. Intelligent, enigmatic, and shocking, "Cache" is can't-miss cinema.

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