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Bull Durham

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Bull Durham

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What's it About

Shelton's winning romantic comedy is set in the special world of minor league baseball, exploring the dynamics (and rivalry) between two very different teammates — seasoned veteran Crash Davis (Costner), and rookie hot-shot Nuke La Loosh (Robbins). Complicating matters further is the femme fatale that comes between them: a bewitching baseball "groupie" named Annie (Sarandon). Which player will take home that prize?

Why we love it

This wry comedy delivers irresistible entertainment, evoking the more — shall we say, informal — atmosphere of life in the minors. Star Costner is appealingly mellow, and Sarandon skillfully plays her character as sexy, funny and wise, all at once. Still, Robbins steals the movie in a showy role as the dim-bulb rookie. Director Shelton was Oscar-nominated for his salty, funny script — and no wonder. Play ball!

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