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Bringing Up Baby

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Bringing Up Baby

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What's it About

Paleontologist David Huxley (Grant) leads a quiet, studious life, and is engaged to a proper, like-minded young woman. Then, quite by accident, he runs into daffy heiress Susan Vance (Hepburn), who immediately takes a shine to the handsome, bespectacled scientist. Used to getting just what she wants, Susan simply won't let David go. Before long, Huxley's life gets turned upside down, as Susan kidnaps him to her starchy aunt's Connecticut estate, along with her explorer brother's recently arrived present, a tame leopard called "Baby." The comic mayhem escalates from there.

Why we love it

Howard Hawks's quintessential screwball outing remains one of our most riotous and inspired screen comedies. Grant and Hepburn (who'd do "Holiday" later the same year and "The Philadelphia Story" two years later) are in fabulous form, with Grant wholly convincing as the nerdy, befuddled victim, and Kate on fire as a flaky but determined lass who's finally found true love, and intends to hold on, come what may. This sublime, classic film is fun, fast and oh-so-funny.

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