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    Breaking Away

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    Breaking Away

    What's it About

    This strikingly buoyant coming-of-age picture set in Indiana tells of four local boys (and recent high-school grads) who must face their futures, but not before enjoying one last carefree summer. Protagonist Dave (Christopher) is obsessed with cycling, and on learning how many cycling champions come from Italy, cultivates an appreciation for all things Italian, much to the consternation of his conventional parents (Dooley and Barrie). Dave's cycling skills will eventually be tested against the snobby college guys in Bloomington's annual bike race.

    Why we love it

    Peter Yates's heartfelt, life-affirming movie is a winner from start to finish. Christopher is appealingly quirky in the central role, and the film also showcases the budding talents of future stars Quaid and Stern as two of Dave's buddies. Dooley is outstanding as Dave's bewildered father, a solid Middle American you might actually buy a used car from. Don't miss this authentic, charming slice of Americana.