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Bed and Board

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Bed and Board

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Lovable bumbler Antoine Doinel (Léaud) is having a hard time holding down a steady job in Paris, but at least he's finally settled into a marriage with leggy, long-time girlfriend Christine (Jade). The newlyweds move into a new apartment building filled with offbeat characters, which keeps things interesting. Antoine continues to experience ups and downs in his life — like petty squabbles at home and a bungled stint at a florist — but an even bigger challenge lies in store for him when he becomes a father.

Why we love it

The fourth installment of Truffaut's Antoine Doinel cycle, which began with "The 400 Blows" (featuring Léaud as a child), this bittersweet romantic comedy is full of smartly observed details that will ring true to anyone who's ever cohabited with a cherished mate. Léaud is charming as always, and Jade's a dreamy vision. Hiroko Berghauer also enchants as the object of Doinel's potentially marriage-busting infatuation. Watch for famed French comic-director Jacques Tati in a brilliant cameo as M. Hulot. A simple, artful take on the growing pains felt in love and marriage, this is one "Bed" worth crawling into.

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