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Anais in Love

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Anais in Love

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What's it About

Thirty-year-old Anais (Demoustier) is in constant motion but still not keeping up with the responsibilities of everyday life. Racing around, she exudes frenetic energy and a loopy charm, but it seems she’s always late for her next appointment. Her romantic life is no less settled. After a break up, she impulsively hooks up with Daniel (Podalydes), a much older married man. Glimpsing a photo of Daniel’s wife Emilie (Tedeschi), an accomplished author, Anais is intrigued. Once she actually meets Emilie, she is smitten. Predictably, Daniel is concerned when he discovers these two are acquainted.

Why we love it

Much like its heroine, this beguiling romantic farce is a lot smarter and more substantive than it first appears. “Anais,” a story about a scattered young woman who finds love under the most unusual circumstances, could only come from the French, and we should thank them for it. The film not only has enormous charm, it never feels the least bit contrived. All the players shine, especially the luminous Demoustier and Tedeschi, scoring as a dedicated writer flattered and aroused by the attentions of a younger woman. For a French romance with a twist, fall for “Anais.”