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About a Boy

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About a Boy

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What's it About

Will (Grant) is a hip but idle London bachelor living off a trust fund from his late father. Cynical and selfish, he prefers one night stands and single mothers, believing they are “easier to dump.” One day he meets the nerdy adolescent Marcus (Hoult), who tries to set him up with his depressed mother Fiona (Collette). But Will has his eye on the beautiful Rachel (Weisz) and convinces Marcus to pretend to be his son. Against his better nature, Will forms his first adult relationship… with a 12 year old boy.

Why we love it

Based on Brit author Nick Hornby’s sardonic novel, the Weitz brothers deliver a romantic comedy with both heart and a razor-sharp edge. Grant has never been better, casting off the simpler personas of his past and creating a complex character who uses his sarcasm as a shield against deep insecurities. Hoult makes Marcus a real kid, with real problems rather than a token construct, and the economical writing crackles with caustic wit. This very funny, very honest story of two boys growing up garnered an Oscar nomination for the adapted screenplay (by the directors and Peter Hedges).

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