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    A Patch of Blue

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    A Patch of Blue

    What's it About

    Black businessman Gordon (Poitier) strikes up a friendship with 18-year-old Selina (Hartman), a neglected, blind white girl he meets in a park, and decides to see to her welfare. She blossoms under his care and mentorship, but Selina's abusive mother Rose-Ann (Winters), a moonlighting prostitute who's seen better days, viciously tries to drive a rift between them.

    Why we love it

    The gifted Poitier shines in Guy Green's tender parable about the meaning of friendship, notably one of the first studio films to take on the charged subject of interracial love. Leisurely paced and simply told, "Patch" is worth sticking with, as uniformly fine performances carry the audience to a satisfying finish. Late ingénue turned character actress, Shelley Winters took home an Oscar that year for her unsympathetic turn as Selina's racist, harridan mother.