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    What's it About

    On a slow news night in Barcelona, TV reporter Angela Vidal (Velasco) and her cameraman Pablo (Rosso) are assigned to cover the routine at a local fire-house. When a call comes in that a woman is trapped inside her apartment, Angela and Pablo follow the first responders into an old residential building. Things heat up considerably when the woman they're rescuing turns out to be a plague-carrying zombie. When authorities seal off the building to prevent the virus spreading, everyone is trapped inside. As death and mayhem rage around them, the journalists record everything.

    Why we love it

    Here directors Balaguero and Plaza craft an ingenious horror hybrid, melding familiar elements of the zombie picture with the hand-held immediacy of "The Blair Witch Project" — only this time it's all being filmed by a professional! The result is totally believable and thoroughly petrifying. Velasco's transformation from bubbly, photogenic talking head to quivering wreck will leave you quaking right beside her. While at times you might wish Pablo would turn his camera off, still you can't look away. Don't miss this tight little horror entry — it really packs a wallop. 

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