HuluPlus is an excellent way to catch up on your favorite TV shows, but guess what, streaming fans? The site also offers movies, and not just your average titles either. They actually carry an impressive number of features from The Criterion Collection. So, just a couple of clicks can take you to a treasure trove of fabulous film.

For more casual viewers who may be unfamiliar with it, The Criterion Collection selects the most significant titles from classic, contemporary and foreign cinema, remasters them from the finest available source materials, and presents them in stunning resolution, usually accompanied by insightful bonus content. Most any film buff knows and respects Criterion.

I know I do. Surprise, surprise: we have hundreds of Criterion selections featured on my site.

HuluPlus hosts so many of these evergreen titles that you might be hard pressed to know where to start. So, on periodic Wednesdays, I’ll recommend a few specific films available to stream in Criterion’s impeccably remastered format.

Let’s start with three of the most popular Criterion films on HuluPlus:


"Yojimbo" (1961)

Toshiro Mifune plays Sanjuro, a wandering samurai caught between warring factions in a bloody village feud. Seeing his skill with a sword, both sides bid for his services, but Sanjuro prefers playing them off against each other. Director Akira Kurosawa based this film on the American Westerns he so admired, and ironically, this film would inspire Sergio Leone’s “Man with No Name” trilogy, which made Clint Eastwood famous.

See how Sanjuro gets the upper hand over his enemies...

"Knife in the Water" (1962)

Roman Polanski’s breakthrough film is a subtle, tingling psychological drama about married couple Andrzej (Leon Niemczyk) and Krystyna (Jolanta Umecka), who pick up a young hitchhiker (Zygmunt Malanowicz) and invite him to join their boating excursion. Once on the water, a machismo competition gradually escalates between the two men, which rocks the boat considerably. The tension gets so thick you could cut it with a ... well, you know.

Find out who makes it back to shore in this Oscar nominated movie... 

"Belle de Jour" (1967)

Beautiful but seemingly conventional housewife Severine (Catherine Deneuve) has some kinky erotic fantasies swirling around in her head, and one day, decides to turn them into reality. She catapults herself into a bizarre double life, taking part-time work as an upscale prostitute. Surrealist director Luis Buñuel melds conscious and unconscious imagery to explore the dark desires that lurk beneath a complacent middle-class existence. 

Deneuve is mesmerizing in this strange, sexy film…

Take your movie watching to a whole different level with these superb Criterion titles.

Next time on “Criterion Wednesday”: three great Criterion Collection comedies from my list, also available on HuluPlus. 

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