While Governor Chris Christie is today’s poster child (or perhaps: “billboard child”) for what happens when bullies obtain power, the sad truth is that corruption roosts in most every neighborhood.

Sadly, the ruthlessly power-hungry are everywhere, from Smalltown, America to Downtown Gotham. You may pass them in the street, inadvertently sit next to them at church. Check behind your fridge; you’re likely to find a Blagojevich or some other such cockroach snacking on crumbs. They look like us, talk like us. They smile and shake hands a bit more often, maybe. 

For those who somehow haven’t heard, Christie is accused of orchestrating road closures into and around the George Washington Bridge, one of the major arteries into and out of NYC, causing havoc in the town of Fort Lee. For his part, the governor claims he didn’t know. If you believe that, we’ve got a bridge filled with snarled traffic to sell you.

There are a number of great films about corruption, most of which deal in the time-honored currency of catharsis. And there is some catharsis in how swiftly the image of the straight-talking, well-rounded governor has gone belly-up. Until recently, he filled out the short-list of the Republicans’ favorite candidates for President. He was bold enough to collaborate with Obama when Hurricane Sandy hit, putting partisan nonsense aside long enough for the cameras to go away.

Were I a betting man, I’d lay long odds on the Governor’s presidential aspirations. I hope I’m right. If there’s anything I hate more than a bad movie, it’s a bully.