What should we watch tonight?  

You’re home after a long day, family on the couch. You open your instant streaming queue and… you’ve entered a maze. Thousands of movies calling for attention. What’s good? What’s bad? How do you decide?

Best Movies by Farr is your personal movie concierge, a “quality filter” for the discerning moviegoer – cinephiles who can’t bear to watch another lame comedy, formulaic action movie, or superhero retread. Totally independent of the studios, John Farr has personally viewed, vetted, and recommended each of the 2,500+ films in the BMBF database. Our aim is to bring you that small percentage of movies that make the grade, be they new or old, foreign or domestic, narrative or documentary.

Watch More Wisely, Have More Fun

You can always access the BMBF database to find a great movie fast. In the mood for an action flick from the ‘80s? Want a list of the best Kurosawa films? We’ve got you covered.

But it doesn’t stop there. Every week, we update the site with timely stories about the world of movies. These usually follow a theme and yield a range of recommendations from our database. Sound like fun? Well, that’s the idea. 

About John Farr

Independent viewer's advocate and movie curator for the discerning crowd, John Farr is your guide to great films. While Hollywood pushes audiences and critics to go see what’s new, John is concerned solely with what’s great – in particular, intelligent, story-driven films that reward both head and heart.

After graduating from Princeton and pursuing a long career in advertising, John set out to follow his dream: researching, cataloging and promoting the best films available, with a special emphasis on finding those "hidden gems” which even the most passionate movie lover may have missed or forgotten about.   

Important question: What defines the “Best”? John describes it simply as “films that succeed in telling a great story admirably well, films that stay with us, that make us think and feel.”

John also has an active speaking schedule, he has appeared on Huffpo Live, CNN, and NBC, and can tailor a film-related talk around your company, festival, or gathering. For more information, please email info@bestmoviesbyfarr.com